Medea, Medea
photo: V. Paul Vertucio
  Shapiro & Smith Dance
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“The fraught relationships between women and men become athletic dramas as these terrific dancers spiral from personal ordeals to universal ideals. ”

— Linda Shapiro
City Pages


Women and Men

This exciting weekend of dance delves into relationships or lack of a relationship between women and men.

The program features Bolero, a new work for seven men and women that tests the limits of physicality. Bolero explores the endless nature of physical struggle, from war to personal ordeal.

Betty’s House finds Betty, danced by Joanie Smith, surrounded by cats and obsessed with fruitless housework.

The Gist brings guest artists Carl Flink and Emile Plauche Flink together in the couple’s first duet performance since leaving The José Limón Dance Company in 1998.

The evening will continue with a reprise of Medea Medea featuring guest artist Ananya Chatterjea; and the romantic Moonlight quartet.

Women and Men was performed April 1-4, 2010 at the Southern Theater, Minneapolis, MN.

This project wass funded with the generous support of The National Endowment for the Arts, Target Foundation and McKnight Foundation.


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